Ni Mom

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Brand Stage Description Benefits
Supplement for Pregnant & Lactating Mothers NI-Mom fulfills daily dietary requirements of the pregnant mother as well as of the baby in the womb. NI-Mom is a complete nutrition and contains all the key essential nutrients for mental and physical development of the baby required during pregnancy & lactation. NI-Mom is an advanced formulation which contains Prebiotics to reduce pregnancy induced constipation. NI-Mom also contains adequate amount of DHA which supports baby's brain development in highly sensitive period of pregnancy & lactation.










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“Swiss made; only nature is better!”

100 years of baby food

HOCHDORF Nutricare develops and sells a wide range of high quality Swiss made infant nutrition products for export throughout the entire world. It includes (specialty) infant and toddler / junior formulas and mama milk drinks.

The company HOCHDORF Nutricare Ltd. devotes itself entirely to exporting HOCHDORF infant nutrition products throughout the world. It is able to offer a comprehensive assortment, that includes (specialty) infant formulas, mama milk drink and weaning foods e.g. infant cereals. The HOCHDORF Nutritec Ltd is the production company of the HOCHDORF Holding and manufacture products for the above-mentioned companies.