IBL HealthCare Ltd.

IBL HealthCare Ltd. is involved in the marketing, sales and distribution of a wide range of healthcare products, constantly striving to provide premium quality healthcare products to serve the Pakistan health care market.

IBL HealthCare holds an impressive portfolio divided into three distinct categories, namely Nutritional Products, Plasma Protein Components and Hospital Disposables. The company is the major partner of globally recognized multinational organizations having expertise in their respective fields of health care products.


 Financial Information 

Our Partners:

MeadJohnson Nutritionals - USA


A research oriented nutritional house involved in the research and development of nutritional products to improve the quality of life. The latest breakthrough is an infant formula by the name of Enfalac A+ with preformed DHA and ARA.

Enfa Family

Tyco Health Care - USA


Supplier of a wide variety of hospital disposables such as:

  • USSDG sutures www.ussdgsutures.com
  • Kendall wound care products www.kendallhq.com
  • Lille continence care products
  • Sherwood & Dover Foleys catheters www.kendallhq.com
  • Sherwood Trocar catheters www.kendallhq.com

    Intersurgical - UK


    Respiratory system experts that offer a complete range of respiratory care products. Product line includes breathing circuits, bacterial and viral filters, soda lime, neonatal breathing circuits, heat and moisture exchangers and a variety of accessories

    Terumo - Japan


    Globally renowned supplier of finest quality blood banking products and insulin syringes backed up by the Japanese technology

    Molnlycke - Sweden


    Suppliers of high quality disposable surgical drapes, disposable gowns and other accessories like face masks and OT caps.