Description / Properties

Peditral is a high quality flavuored O.R.S, which is used for the treatment of Dehydration due to Diarrhoea & vomiting. Most of the times Peditral is used for infants and small kids but it can also be used by Adults in case of above-mentioned conditions. Peditral is the only brand within the category of O.R.S, which is available in two flavours i.e. Orange and Lemon.

What Makes Peditral The Best Brand Within O.R.S Category?

Peditral is manufactured at a world-class production facility with state of art Quality Control Equipment. This has been greatly appreciated by UNICEF, USAID & WHO.

Unlike ordinary O.R.S, Peditral is packed in Triple Laminated Aluminum foil (Al+PET+PE) that makes it moisture proof and also prevents it from sunlight.

Flavour blend used in Peditral is provided by world a reputed European company, which makes it very pleasant tasting. That is why children like its taste very much.