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Regulatory Affairs

The Searle Company Limited has an experienced regulatory affairs team headed by foreign qualified professional. It is responsible for the updated regulatory requirements for getting new products approved. Managing the commitments company has made to the regulatory agencies where the product has been approved and the registration of these products. Our regulatory affairs team is the liaison body between our company and the regulatory bodies in Pakistan as well as in other countries where company operates its business.

Our regulatory affairs team is qualified enough to handle all the scientific concerns required for the successful registration of new products in different territories. Diversified and extensive experience allows us to submit high quality dossiers and get the application right the first time. As it is evident from our registered products in around 15 Countries. In addition we have experienced associate team in every country of operation.

Our future business direction has always impacted our regulatory strategy, which is based upon fundamental regulation of the concerning country and the procedures involve in getting things align with the regulatory bodies' requirement as per law. It also helps us in gaining marketing authorization that works for different territorial markets.

One of the most important features of regulatory affairs team is achieving the safety standards by preparing for any change in the regulation of territory and its compliance across the company.

It is also the responsibility of our regulatory affairs team to ensure the regulatory compliance of all promotional materials and labeling compliance of every single product supplied in the market.