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Avaiability: in stock

Generic: Haloperidol

Strength: Tablet 0.25/1.5/5/10mg, Drop 2mg/ml 15ml Bottle, Injection 5mg

Form: Tablet, Drops & Injection


Product Description

ablet 0.25mg, 25s Pack 1.5mg & 10mg ,50s Pack, 5mg 20s and 100s Pack.

Drops 2mg/ml, 15ml bottle.

Injection 5mg/1ml,25 Ampoules


Acute and Chronic Schizophrenia,Mania and Hypo mania,Organic Psychosis ,Agitation in Psychotic illness,Explosive hyper excitability & extreme hyperactivity,in children(i.e aggressively mode liability,difficulty in sustaining attention, and poor frustration tolerance),Motor Tics and vocal utterance of Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome,Anxiety neurosis and tension states,Mixed neurosis where features of depression accompany anxiety .