CEO Message

Enhancing Quality of Human Life

Thank you for taking interest in The Searle Company Limited. We are dedicated to our objective of developing highly effective pharmaceuticals that overcome disease and enhance the quality of human life. Searle’s core strategy is to focus on emerging portfolios to bring novel, safer and more effective therapeutic areas for life threatening disorders.

Close collaboration with Academia Searle’s ceaseless pursuit of excellence has led us to establish a state-of-the-art R&D Center at the University of Karachi in collaboration with the HEJ Institute of Chemistry, and under the supervision of the celebrated scientists, scholars and educationists Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman and Dr. Iqbal Choudhry, Head of the Chemistry Department.

The experience, knowledge and creativity of the Searle family permit us to identify and develop compounds with great therapeutic potential.

Caring for the Less-Privileged

At Searle, we are cognizant of our corporate social responsibility, and in the field of education for the less-privileged, our ownership has been instrumental in launching and sustaining The Citizens Foundation (TCF) that has scaled up and replicated itself in dramatic fashion over the last two decades of its existence.

For skills development, we partner with the Hunar Foundation and on the issues of health for the less privileged, Searle has adopted the AKAR Hospital.


Today, Searle is among the top three companies of Pakistan in terms of revenue, and on the top in terms of growth, market cap, market-derived portfolios and global recognition.

Searle has the honor of receiving the Top Companies Award from Morgan Stanley-USA, FTSE-UK, Forbes Asia Pacific and Euromoney-Asia, which has set a new standard of success in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan.

High-Performance Teams at Work

Emerging portfolios and global presence are also the key benchmarks for future growth, and Searle is blessed with an outstanding professional team with each member meeting and exceeding high expectations on an ongoing basis.

Going Global

Searle’s manufacturing facilities in Europe & Gulf will be operational very soon, expediting our penetration in international markets. Searle has the distinction of being the only pharma company in Pakistan working closely with the USFDA, and the drug master file of our biotechnology plant has already been acknowledged.

Good Health of Mankind

Searle is committed to the good health of mankind, both in Pakistan and around the world, and I am thankful to Allah Almighty for the success and prestige He has blessed Searle with.

I wish our partners, stakeholders, and shareholders the optimal of health, wealth, and happiness, and may Allah continue to shower us with His blessings, Ameen.