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‘Journey of Performance and Efficiency Continues’ Searle 4th Annual Sales Conference High Energy Affair Hilton Towers Dubai Plays Host, Delivers Big WOW!

Searle CEO Syed Nadeem Ahmed led from the front an elite gathering of frontline healthcare executives committed to raising the industry bar and claiming the top spot in Searle’s quest for combating disease across the board and across borders.

For 4 days, from November 14th to 17th 2019, in the glittering opulence of the Hilton Towers Dubai the Searle troops were well and truly inspired, as their Commanders spared no expense to raise their sense of self-worth and believe in their ability to move mountains.

450 strong Searle elite delighted in the dazzle of the large Ballroom, impeccably appointed to raise the spirits, each an essential part of vibrant subsets that kept the Searle powerhouse humming in harmony, dedicated to the greater benefit of Mankind, devising ways and means of alleviating suffering and restoring good health, and then getting the medicine to those in need in an ever-expanding population struggling with an insufficient, entirely inadequate state response.

Business Unit Heads, the Business Management Lead Team, Sales Managers, and Regional Managers cheered on their top performers who had earned the High Flyers Title by scoring 110% in their Annual Achievement.

Business Affiliates and Guests from various regions of the world added further weight to the proceedings with their presence and reveled in the many presentations staged that gladdened the heart and imbued all present with hope and a firm resolve to go from good to great, and beyond.

Bilal Ashraf and Javeria Usmani emceed the proceedings, enabling a flawless flow that spoke of precision in the workplace, and seeking the blessings of the Almighty with recitation from the Holy Quran, conveying the word of Allah and His guidelines for the conduct of both one’s personal and professional life.

Following the call for Divine grace, the national anthem of Pakistan roused the spirits, filling each heart with pride and a keen sense of identity steeped in the richness and diversity that permeates the Land of the mighty Indus and Karakorum.

Searle as a Family – Ek Adara, Ek Gharana – came out vividly as individual success stories were told and applauded. Director Marketing Tahir Ahmed encapsulated the Searle journey from 2 Billion rupees to an astonishing 25 Billion rupees in just10 years, overcoming all manner of difficulties and turning adversity to advantage with true entrepreneurial flair reflected in the 5 year CAGR of 16.78% which stood 4% higher than the industry average.

CEO Syed Nadeem Ahmed of Searle received a standing ovation for his vision and exceptional leadership that has boosted Searle from the 8th largest pharmaceutical Company to the 2nd largest based on the number of units sold. His speech was inspirational, reminding all present that Serale’s 4th position was just a milestone achieved enroute to attaining Searle’s destiny of becoming No 1. He then gave away the MD’s Trophy, Man of the Year Title and Best Sales Manager Award, and mementos to the distinguished guests.

The hilarious entertainment put together by the product management team featured issues ranging from typical behavior of medical information executive to some of the funniest responses of doctors and patients.

The conference concluded on a high note with the commitment to make Searle the number 1 pharmaceutical company of Pakistan.




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